JCM 霊的孤児院?



JCMは神様から多くの祝福を受け続けています。忠実で責任感の強い信頼できるメンバーに恵まれました。そして思いやり溢れるJCMアガペ・ネットワーク (非営利団体)と成長し、数々の国際ミッショナリーと協力し、日本、マレーシア、カンボヂアでの社会福祉活動、クリスチャン・ミッショナリーとして今日に至っています。




Get to Know JCM Agape Network

JCM – Spiritual Orphanage

In 1999, confirmed and encouraged by the vision of Jesus Christ and also greatly moved by the power of the Holy Spirit, Japanese Ladies Fellowship was activated as a Bible Study Group. It begins with three ladies, as one of them has enrolled herself in a seminary, who gather together to study the Words…the Bible once a while in the living room of a house in Malaysia. These ladies are Japanese nationality with various backgrounds as for the venue for the “spiritual orphanage”, where each cultural, language, occupation and religious understanding is not an obstacle, as long as one is willing to rediscover oneself.

In 2004, this Ladies Fellowship changed the name to J Chapel Missionary when men began to join them and started the Sunday Service in Japanese language as a home church and by God’s miraculous guidance and grace, the living room of a house is used as a chapel.

JCM, with the grace and faithfulness of God, has been blessed in many ways…not only with the unfailing compassion and faithful leadership but also with the very committed members. Today JCM, expanded as JCM Agape Network (NPO), has established a good and sound foundation for the congregation and surely to do greater work for the Lord. JCM Agape Network has reached Cambodia, Japan and with the grace of God has also established with several international Christian outreach and missionaries.

JCM, that started as the orphanage for the spiritual orphan, the home for the spiritual homeless, is the body of Christ and the temple of the Holy Spirit in which each spiritual orphan gather together not only to do His will as in Heaven and as on earth, but also to magnify His kingdom, His power, and His glory, forever.

After all you are not alone…the power of our loving God really cares about you and may God richly reward you as you continue to walk with Him in your life…Please come and join us and walk a walk with the Lord together. God bless you!